I) Custom formulation
At AGROSEAL Technology, we understand that Nutrients needs of one client can vary from the needs of another. That’s why AGROSEAL approaches each client request that it receives on an individualized basis. This allows AGROSEAL to effectively assess the needs of a client, in order to develop and formulate a customized strategy and timeline.
When developing a new product or improving an existing product, AGROSEAL’s team begins communication with the client in order to fully understand the product requirements and expectations set forth by the client. When designing a new product, the AGROSEAL product development team will recommend the most economic and agronomic formulation, design and development of new process and production methods, or technologies, in order to make a determination as to the feasibility of the request.

II) Custom formulation and private labels
Custom formulation is an agreement between a specialized production plant
(AGROSEAL) and a client to design or develop a product, analyze, commercially manufacture, package, and transport a high quality product to a client that has not invested in their own full-scale development and production facility. AGROSEAL’s custom formulation operation provides clients all the tools they need to commercially manufacture a product. AGROSEAL has an advantage access to raw materials, several decades of industry experience, access to AGROSEAL’s proprietary technology, and an understanding of the multi-tier levels of production that can take a product from inception to the consumer.Typical reasons why someone might custom formulation and manufacturing service.
 The company is not yet ready, or does not think it’s economically feasible, to
make a capitol investment in their own production plant.
 The company does not have the ability to formulate or develop a quality product.
 The company does not have access to the customized technology, specialized
equipment, industry experience or knowledge needed to formulate a product that
will meet the needs of their intended product application.
 The company needs to get their product to market quickly.
 The company is in need of product development, plant design, and marketing before a production facility can be built.

III) Process
Step 1: product formulating /development
AGROSEAL Research and Development team establish the needs of our client and the necessary requested product nutrients parameters, formulate the product on a pilot scale level, analyze the product, and submit the product to the client for approval.

Step 2: Product approval
Once the product is approved by the client, the product formulation and nutrient profile is reviewed by AGROSEAL team. A representative will communicate with the client to determine pricing structure, the initial amount of product required, and the frequency of production to ensure inventory of the product is continuously accounted for.

Step 3: commercial manufacturing
AGROSEAL’s procurement department will acquire the raw materials through one of UFF’s trusted vendors.
The AGROSEAL’s trained staff uses our custom-made equipment systems to begin the multi-step manufacturing process, and the quality Control Manger structures the manufacturing process and analyzes product samples after each manufacturing process and analyzes product samples after each manufacturing stage to check product nutrient analysis and ensure adherence to required standard specifications.

Step 4: packaging and shipping
Once the product has been manufactured, the product is shipped to the customer in bulk or the product is transported to the Consolidated Process and Packaging facility to be packaged into custom containers, labeled, and shipped to the customer.
AGROSEAL offers the ability to custom formulates and manufactures multiple
fluid fertilizer nutrients for agricultural industry dealers in various sectors
 Agriculture and horticulture
 Organic soil health builders
 Hydroponics (protected cropping)
 Tuff and Amenities
 Dairy
 Nursery fertilizer solutions
 Prescription blends

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